Educating, Equipping and Empowering Small and Mid-Size Companies to Save

As insurance premiums skyrocket, more small and mid-sized companies are increasingly looking to contain spiraling employee health bills by adopting a self-funded insured model.

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The largest and most trusted preferred provider organization in the West.

For over 50 years, the Arizona Foundation has offered our customers exceptional value through medical, workers’ compensation and chiropractic networks. Also

Semaglutide, available for purchase under various trade names, is a medication initially designed to regulate blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Recently, it has gained attention for its additional benefit in weight management. By mimicking a natural hormone that helps control blood sugar and appetite, Buy semaglutide online not only improves glycemic control but also aids in reducing body weight. This dual action makes it a valuable therapeutic option for patients looking to address both diabetes and obesity concurrently, offering a new avenue for comprehensive health management.

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A broad range of medical management solutions for our clients.

Designed to promote optimal health outcomes and manage healthcare costs through patient advocacy, support, health information and education, these programs are available as an integrated suite of solutions designed to maximize patient access or on a standalone basis.


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