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Interested in Joining the Arizona Foundation?

The Arizona Foundation is committed to ensuring access to high-quality healthcare through an extensive network of physicians, hospitals and other medical professionals. That commitment to quality begins with highly qualified, fully vetted providers.

To ensure this, we start with certain basic selection criteria - including a valid license, training appropriate to the profession and acceptable malpractice claims history. The Arizona Foundation couples that with a rigorous credentialing process that verifies your education, employment history and so on.

Criteria for joining the Arizona Foundation includes:

The decision whether to accept an applicant is based not only on the information gathered during the application process, but on network requirements as well.

The types of Providers in Arizona Foundation's Network

Providers are categorized in three ways on the Arizona Foundation Web site: Medical, Chiropractic and Worker's Comp.

For contracting purposes, the Arizona Foundation divides medical providers into the following categories:

Credentialing Process

Arizona Foundation's credentialing process verifies each practitioner's education, training and experience. They also check your background, employment history and malpractice history. They use nationally recognized credentialing criteria and standards to determine which healthcare practitioners they select.

How to Join

If you're interested in becoming an Arizona Foundation contracted provider, you can request an individual contract or a contract as a medical group. In either case, you must meet our credentialing and other criteria. If the information submitted in the application is complete, the process will typically take 60 to 90 days. Arizona Foundation will assign and notify you of the effective date for your participation when they have completed the application and credentialing process.

Individual physicians may join the network by completing the initial request form below. Upon receipt, Arizona Foundation's Provider Relations Department will contact you to start the application process.

Group practices/organizations/facilities may also join our provider network. If you represent an organization that would like to join the Arizona Foundation Network, please fill out the information below and submit your request to us.

Please allow five (5) business days to process your request before contacting us.

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