Ensures Appropriate Care While Maximizing Cost Savings

Arizona Foundation, in conjunction with American Health Holding, offers URAC-accredited Case Management services designed to improve the quality of patient care while maximizing cost savings. Case Management provides individuals a better understanding of specialized care needs, access to centers of excellence and specialty care facilities, education on alternatives to costly inpatient care, and direction toward in-network discounts. The program works with members to educate and help them make choices that contribute to a healthier lifestyle, thus reducing the incidence of complications and future medical costs.

The integrated program provides triggers that automatically refer cases that may benefit from Case Management intervention, helping to facilitate early identification, prevent rehospitalization, and significantly reduce costs.

A Solution for Life
Case Managers are registered nurses or licensed social workers who function as advocates, facilitators, and educators, assuring that members make smooth transitions from inpatient settings to alternate care and home care when appropriate. Other benefits and services include:

  • Preparation and planning through health management.
  • Effective communication.
  • Follow-up and reporting.
  • Treatment and care facilitation.
  • Identification of support groups and systems.
  • Minimization of future complications through health management.
  • Specialty services for neonate, oncology, and transplant.

Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive approach to patient-focused support and life management.
  • Dedicated Case Managers to interact with patients and family, offering a complete support network.
  • Access to a Case Manager, American Health’s board certified Medical Director, and a panel of board certified practicing physician specialists.
  • Reporting capabilities include accurate projections on costs for future needs and statements of prognosis.
  • We report all Never Events and Avoidable Hospital Conditions.

To learn more about Arizona Foundation’s Case Management program or AFMC’s Network Products and Services, call 800-624-4277 or e-mail.