Healthcare News

High syphilis rates linked to drug use, CDC report says  Washington Post

Public health officials grappling with record-high syphilis rates around the nation have pinpointed what appears to be a major risk factor: drug use. “Two major ...

Alzheimer's: 'Holy herb' extract shows promise as future treatment  Medical News Today

A laboratory screen found that a compound in the Yerba santa medicinal plant protects against several age-related triggers of death in mouse nerve cells.

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Omega-3 supplements during pregnancy may protect children from high blood pressure  Daily Mail

Studying obese children under the age of six, researchers at the University of Kansas found some did not have the typical spike in systolic blood pressure and ...

Drug pollution in rivers reaching damaging levels for animals and ecosystems, scientists warn  The Independent

Medicines including antibiotics and epilepsy drugs are increasingly being found in the world's rivers at concentrations that can damage ecosystems, a study has ...