Healthcare News

Mental Health and Quitting-Smoking Apps Are Sharing Your Secrets  Gizmodo

When it comes to subjects like mental health or addiction, one should be able to trust that an app designed to help you through such a difficult and personal ...

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Blood test matches cancer patients to personalised drugs  The Times

Cancer patients who have exhausted all other options can be matched to trials of personalised medicines by a “liquid biopsy” blood test, a study shows. A third ...

New insight into how obesity, insulin resistance can impair cognition  Science Daily

Obesity can break down our protective blood brain barrier resulting in problems with learning and memory, scientists report.

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Gardeners keen to protect their lawn from caterpillars should use more than one type of grass  Daily Mail

Experts at the University of Florida and the US Department of Agriculture wanted to find out which, if any, offered natural resistance to the fall armyworm, ...

Emergency Rooms Get a Makeover for the Elderly  Wall Street Journal

Marcus Overton isn't a stranger to emergency rooms—and he doesn't like them. “They're chaotic and loud,” says the 75-year-old San Diego resident, who ...