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10 Rabid Bats Found In Santa Clarita This Year, One Left In Front Of Newhall Vet Office  KHTS Radio

Ten rabid bats have been found in Santa Clarita so far this year, with three discovered in September alone, prompting a warning from public health...

I was addicted to prescription drugs for two decades

*Content* warning: this article discusses drug addiction. I'll never forget the first time I took codeine. It gave me a warm feeling, as if I was floating on a pink fluffy ...

Perth scientists crack the code to crops resilient to climate change  Sydney Morning Herald

Gregor Mendel, an 18th century monk, discovered the basic concept of genetic inheritance by observing peas. Now, two centuries later, two Perth scientists have ...

'Dubrowing': The Hedonistic New Alternative To The Keto Diet You Need To Try  D'Marge

Want to have your carbs and eat them too? The Dubrow Diet, a hedonistic alternative (some would say derivative) of The Keto Diet, is a good place to start.

Mixing diet and exercise may not be good for bone health  IOL

Combining exercise and dieting may not be a good idea as it may impact your bone health, according to a new study.