Healthcare News

Medicinal Herbs from Indian Ocean Island Found to Stop Growth of Cancer Cells  Newsweek

Medicinal herbs only found on an island in Mauritius could one day form the basis of a treatment for one of the most deadly forms of cancer, scientists believe.

Study finds that many people diagnosed with MS do not have the condition  Medical News Today

A new study suggests that almost 20 percent of people who receive a diagnosis for multiple sclerosis do not have the chronic disease.

Researchers use gene-editing technology to treat fatal lung disease before birth  Business Recorder

Gene-editing technology has been known to treat many diseases effectively, but this time scientists have taken it a step ahead by treating a lethal disease even.

Caffeine can boost athletic performance, megastudy finds  The Takeout

I can't imagine going for a morning run without drinking a mug of coffee first. That doesn't have to do with athletic performance; I just can't imagine doing ...