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Americans take the pain of girls less seriously than that of boys, a new study finds

How much pain adult Americans think the young patient is suffering will depend on whether they believe the child to be a girl or a boy, according to a study ...

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Winter Storms To Heat Waves, How Better Climate Data Can Make Us More Prepared  NPR

Scientists are getting more and better data on our changing climate. Now, there's a push to use it to help people cope with the extremes we know are coming.

VIDEO: Man kicks aggressive coyote at Kissimmee resort, then coyote attacks woman  WFLA

A surveillance camera recorded a frightening encounter at a Kissimmee resort, a man was walking on a sidewalk and a coyote suddenly emerged from some ...

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A cure for cancer? Despite one company’s claims, many experts are uncertain  The Jerusalem Post

We must be aware that this is far from proven as an effective treatment for people with cancer, let alone a cure,” Dr. J. Leonard Lichtenfeld.

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BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINE CANCER RISK: More than a dozen blood pressure medications recalled since July  WPXI Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH - Another day, another problem for blood pressure medications, and it's starting to frustrate Cindy Bryan who takes her pills daily. "Even the ...