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Psychosis and Schizophrenia  U.S. News & World Report

Learn about schizophrenia and other medical conditions that cause psychosis.

Researchers Discover The Earliest Signs of Parkinson's Disease in The Brain  ScienceAlert

About 100 people have a rare mutation in a gene called SNCA that puts them at almost certain risk of getting Parkinson's disease. This makes them ideal ...

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5 Foods You Should Eat Daily to Prevent Cancer  Cooking Light

Harvard researcher and physician, Dr. William Li, tells us what foods can actually reduce your risk for cancer. Plus, a one-day meal plan to help you eat more of ...

Cancer-causing toxins were just found in foundation and sparkly makeup — here are 11 chemicals that could lurk in your lipstick, lotion, and eye powder  Business Insider

Even if you don't put on makeup every day, you could be exposed to toxic chemicals in soap, shampoo, and lotion.