Healthcare News

Texas lawmaker says vaccines should be optional because antibiotics exist  BGR

When it comes to public health, one of the biggest risks is elected officials having absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Republican Bill Zedler, a Texas ...

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No joke! 'Zombie deer disease' threat to humans?

WASHINGTON – It sounds like a plot out of "The Walking Dead." Deer contract a mysterious disease. Symptoms include vacant stares, thick saliva, exposes ribs, ...

Young, healthy mom has 2 heart attacks KUSA

Jennifer Halvas said her heart attacks affected her life physically and mentally. Now, she's sharing her story.

Adults vaccinated as kids may not be protected against the measles now  WIBW

Pam Baron was recently shocked to find out that all of the immunizations she had received as a child were no longer in her system - including anything that ...

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