partially self-funded and fully integrated
health benefits product.

SingleSource, the “one stop shop” when creating a health benefits plan for your employees.
As an alternative to a fully insured or traditional self-funded plan, AFMC’s SingleSource offers a distinct advantage by providing the simplification yet customization of a fully-integrated product.

Partial self-funding maximizes employee benefits while reducing benefit costs, so employers reap the savings. SingleSource can be utilized by companies with as few as 25 employees, and provides full-service administrative services through Health EZ. 

Partial self-funding provides endless possibilities to create your own benefit plan by:  

  • Tailoring copays, and/or coinsurance, deductibles and covered benefits to the needs of your employees.
  • Providing access to a robust and comprehensive contracted network of providers through Arizona Foundation for Medical Care’s POS Network.
  • Allowing you to utilize a national network in all 50 states that covers employees working or living outside of Arizona.
  • Simplifying FSA/HSA administration.
  • Creating customized online services, in addition to enrollment brochures that outline and describe medical and dental plans for your employees.
  • Providing the advantage of COBRA Administration, Medical Management Reports, Alternative Benefits or Claims Negotiation if needed.