At the very core of its business lies what the Arizona Foundation does best – Provider Network Management. By subjecting each of our providers to thorough screening, credentialing and re-credentialing processes, members are assured access to the highest quality provider network available today.

As a not-for-profit, independent company – we are not owned by insurance companies, TPAs or hospitals – the Arizona Foundation provides exceptional service with unsurpassed flexibility, customer support and professionalism.

We believe that Medical Cost Containment requires a custom approach suited to the needs of each of its clients individually – not a universal, one-size-fits-all-does-all method.

Unlike many companies who claim to have networks that are actually a conglomeration of rental agreements, the Arizona Foundation believes that it can best serve the needs of its clients by providing direct access to providers in Arizona. We use our network development expertise to provide access management through customized provider recruitment initiatives in specific geographical areas where the clients’ needs are most evident.

As such, we have put together a family of network products and services, which can lead to greater overall savings and more affordable care.

Foundation Physician & Ancillary Network

A fully credentialed network of physicians and healthcare professionals. The Physician & Ancillary network is a perfect fit for employer groups using reference-based pricing to help keep their healthcare cost low. This network gives you access to our in-network physicians and ancillary contracted providers such as laboratories, radiologist, and urgent cares.

Foundation POS
The POS network gives you access to in-network providers, hospitals and facilities. Depending on the plan structure and benefit differential, the POS plan covers more costs when a member visits an in-network specified list of hospitals, but they also have the choice to go off the list or outside of the network and pay more for costs.

Foundation COMP
Foundation COMP is Arizona Foundation’s all-inclusive workers’ compensation plan for fully insured and self-funded employers. This plan, along with reviewing, recording and re-pricing processed claims, includes a comprehensive utilization review process. Foundation COMP offers the largest, most accessible network of occupational medical centers, urgent care centers, physical therapy centers, and outpatient surgery centers, as well as a comprehensive network of physicians. Foundation Comp is the workers’ compensation network endorsed by the Arizona Self-Insurers Association (ASIA).

Chiropractic Network
Chiropractic Cost Containment System (CCCS) – offered in conjunction with ChiroSource, Inc. – is a stand-alone network of chiropractors that offer employer groups and individuals sound management of chiropractic care at lower costs. Policyholders access a growing network of chiropractors that have agreed to comply with a strict utilization management and re-pricing structure.

Utilization Management
Our URAC-accredited UM program, administered in conjunction with American Health Holding, can help manage costs by helping your members receive the appropriate level of care in the appropriate setting.

Outside the Service Area
If you have employees and dependents that live and work outside Arizona, the Arizona Foundation can help provide access to network savings.

Electronic Data Interface (EDI)
EDI transmission to approved clearinghouses is included in your access fee.

Claims Repricing
VyStream offers a proprietary, automated claims re-pricing system guaranteed to re-price claims timely, economically and precisely.