Nurse Line and Information Library

Around-the-Clock Health Information Services

The 24/7 Nurse Line is staffed by a team of nurses who are specially trained to provide triage and home-care options to members. A flexible software system, featuring the most up-to-date guidelines from nationally recognized sources, helps nurses to provide members with consistent, accurate information and health education on hundreds of topics.

Callers can discuss current illnesses, health challenges, or chronic conditions to receive education on treatment options, lifestyle choices, and self-care strategies. They can also learn about local resources to receive additional support and information. In some instances, talking to a nurse can provide reassurance and avoid unnecessary - and costly - trips to the emergency room.

Information Right at Your Fingertips!

The Telephonic Health Information Library features information on more than 1,500 regularly-updated topics, which callers may also request to have mailed to them in English or Spanish. The 24/7 Nurse Line provides information on issues such as:

And much more!

Program Highlights

To learn more about Arizona Foundation's Nurse Line and Information Library or AFMC's Network Products and Services, call 800-624-4277 or e-mail.