Organization Key Facts

The Arizona Foundation is committed to delivering the best value to our customers, while providing access to quality medical care. Take a look at these facts about our provider network:

Structure: There are essentially three corporate entities in the organization:

All of the above corporations are organized under the laws of the State of Arizona as not-for-profit corporations and neither the Medical Society nor the Arizona Foundation pay taxes on the income they receive from their tax-exempt activities. The Medical Society Business Services and VyStream pay taxes on income from their activities the same as any regular corporation.

Network of Health Care Providers: Statewide healthcare providers participate in our network including,

Products and Services available for businesses, individuals and families:

Medical Management

Business Services

Mission Statement:
To promote, develop and encourage the distribution of medical services by its members to the people of Maricopa, and any or all other counties in the State of Arizona at a cost reasonable to both patient and physician; to preserve unto its members, the medical profession at large - and the public - freedom of choice of both physician and patient; and to guard and preserve the physician-patient relationship, and its innumerable benefits.