At Arizona Foundation for Medical Care (AFMC), your employees’ health and well-being are important to us. Whether your job is in human resources or as benefit administrator for your company, this area of our Web site provides valuable information and news that will help make your job a little easier.

Most importantly, you can pass this content on to your employees. By giving them the knowledge to better understand and manage their health, you will help ensure they receive the right care, at the right time and the right place. This will ultimately reduce their healthcare costs, and empower them to take a more active, accountable role.

On this area of the site we’ve included information on the value of implementing a health education program, how to use AFMC network providers, important contact information and much more. We believe these and future articles will help you guide your employees to make wise decisions when it comes to using the AFMC Network and/or Medical Management Services throughout 2012, and beyond.

Check back often, as content will be updated frequently.

Please note: As you read through our content, you may encounter specific terms or references that do not apply to the type of services you have selected. The actual terms of your group plan are detailed in the documents issued to you through your benefits administrator.

Your Guide to Health Insurance Jargon

How to Use The Foundation’s Provider Network

Implementing a Wellness Program

Health Education