Supported Browsers

Any mobile phone or desktop operating system that is still receiving security updates from the vendor should have a browser that will work with this site. If you are experiencing any difficulties when viewing this site, chances are you have an outdated or unsupported web browser. Please use the links below to upgrade (for free) to the latest version. Continuing to use older browsers on the web is a security risk.

Unsupported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer


If you have the most recent version of the supported browsers listed above and are still experiencing difficulties, there may be a problem with your browser configuration. Please check the following:

  • Is Javascript enabled?
    • Some features of the site require Javascript to function properly. Javascript allows for a richer web experience, and if your browser has this turned off many things will appear to be broken.
  • Are cookies enabled?
    • Due to the sensitive nature of healthcare and other information on this site, we use industry standard session security to protect you and our clients. For these secure sessions to work, cookies must be enabled in your browser. Without cookies enabled you won’t even be able to log in to our site.
  • Are you using multiple internet services at once?
    • If you are accessing any area of our site which requires authentication, such as renewals, ephi, elections etc… and seem to be kicked out, you may be using multiple internet providers at the same time. Check with your IT department and ask them to configure connections to this site to use the same IP for your sessions.