Web Portal

Decision-Support Tools Empower Individuals to Manage their Health

Providing much more than just online information, the Health Web Portal offers many opportunities to help individuals modify lifestyle choices and behaviors that negatively impact their health.

At the heart of the portal is the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center's Health Assessment. The Health Assessment contains approximately 50 questions about an individual's current health and lifestyle habits. Once completed, the assessment assigns members a Wellness Score to help them measure their progress over time and a Wellness Assessment Profile that illustrates the top three risk factors that may influence their health status over the next 1-3 years.

Setting Goals, Tracking Improvements, and Maximizing Health

Results of the Health Assessment customize each individual's portal experience, including their Online Health Coaching (OHC) program. The OHC's personalized programs motivate individuals and provide step-by-step goals for improving health and minimizing risk factors. Other tools and calculators are provided to help members calculate and track their:

Program Highlights

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